Allison Roberts

RLC Park Services

Why I Ride And Who I Ride For…

Thank you for for taking a moment to visit my personal page for the 2018 Tour de Rock.

I am incredibly honoured and humbled to have this opportunity to contribute to this amazing cause.  As a Park Naturalist with RLC Park Services I am passionate about connecting children, families and adults to the natural world.  It breaks my heart knowing that there are families unable to visit parks, go camping and immerse themselves in the outdoors because they are fighting a terrible battle.  The battle of childhood cancer.  Tour de Rock raises the funds to send these families and their children to Camp Goodtimes.  I have heard first-hand from families who have been there that Camp Goodtimes was a lifesaver; an opportunity to have fun and laugh together during a time of immense difficulty.  It costs $1500 to send a child to Camp Goodtimes. I’ve started with a goal of 10 ($15,000) but I really hope I can do more than that. I need your help.

I am also fundraising to support researching gentler and safer treatments for childhood cancer.  Childrens bodies are so small and developing so rapidly that the impacts of cancer treatments can have long and dire consequences for the rest of their lives.  The Canadian Cancer Society supports research into treatments that will help childhood cancer warriors thrive instead of just survive.

When asked why I am willing to dedicate 6+ months of my life to this cause it’s simple:  Throuhout my life there have been way too many people close to me who have had to battle cancer.  The ripple effects are huge.  Some have been lucky enough to win the battle while others have not.  I have 9 amazing nieces and nephews who make my life as an Auntie the most fabulous life possible. I can’t imagine life without them or life with them suffering.  So I ride for the families who haven’t been as lucky.  I ride to inspire ‘my kids’ to help other kids who need their support.  I ride because it’s SOMETHING I can do to make even a teeny tiny difference in the lives of families fighting the battles of their lives.

Please consider making a donation; every dollar makes a difference.  Together we can make a difference #forthekids

Please pledge me and help me reach my fundraising goal! Every pledge takes us one step further in the fight against cancer.

Thanks for your support!