Kyle Ross

West Shore RCMP

Why I Ride And Who I Ride For…

I am training for and participating in The Canadian Cancer Society Cops for Cancer Tour De Rock.

You might be wondering what is the Tour De Rock? The short answer is it’s a two-week, 1,000+ kilometre bike ride from the Northern tip of Vancouver Island (Port Alice) all the way to the South (Victoria). The team is made up of primarily police officers and other first responders who raise money to fight childhood cancer.

The reality is that 132 kids in BC will be diagnosed with cancer this year and 24 of those will not make it. Many times, those that survive carry with them lifelong affects from the harsh treatments on their young developing bodies. The money from the Tour de Rock funds: leading-edge cancer research that is improving cancer treatments for kids (including safer, gentler, and less invasive treatments), preventing cancer and saving lives, as well as supporting vital community-based services for kids living with cancer and their families.

Where does the money go?

20% of fundraising goes to send kids to Camp Good times – Camp Goodtimes provides a safety-focused, medically supervised, fun and recreational experience for children and youth with cancer and their families. It costs approximately $1500 to send one kid to camp but the impact this has on their well-being and their treatment journey is beyond price.

80% goes to the research outlined above.

Please consider pledging me to help me reach my fundraising goal! Every pledge takes us one step further in the fight against cancer.

Thanks for your support!